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from 4 to 20 novembre 2014, a part of the staff will be in holidays, so openning days will be like on the table under, shipping of the packages will be only on Tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays, thanks for understanding.
Monday 3/11
Tuesday 4/11
Wednesday 5/11
Thursday 6/11
Friday  7/11
Saturday 8/11
Sunday 9/11
Monday 10/11
Tuesday 11/11
Wednesday 12/11
Thursday 13/11
Friday 14/11
Saturday 15/11
Sunday  16/11
Monday 17/11
Tuesday 18/11
Wednesday 19/11
Thursday 20/11
Friday 21/11
back to normal...

Shipping ok (no on saturdays)
shop open 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h
No shipping, shop closed

34.95 EUR
20.97 EUR
ELEMENT Logo Singlet Rib Girl
19.95 EUR
11.97 EUR
VOLCOM Westgate Cuff Beanie
29.00 EUR
22.90 EUR
VOLCOM Girl Stone Only Tee
29.95 EUR
13.48 EUR

TSG Just Ride It Tee
27.95 EUR
VOLCOM Oily Skinny Grey Jeans
85.00 EUR
42.50 EUR
VIBRALUX Le Rock Jeans 2014
69.95 EUR
55.96 EUR
Maillot de Bain VOLCOM Simply Stone Modest Black
69.90 EUR
27.96 EUR

All kinds of inline skates, for all styles in the bests inline skates brands!
Helmets, kneepads, helbow pads, wirstguards, crash pants...
Freestyle Scooter and parts...
Skateboards, longboards and parts
Men and girl clothes, tee shirts, sweats, zippers, pants, socks, boxers, wallets, watches, sunglasses, belts, necklaces/wirstbands...
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