Freestyle scooter for skatepark, urban scooter for moving or electric scooter... find here all completes and parts for your scooter.

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  • Urban Complet Scooters

    Urban scooters for recreation and transport. Adults and kids!

    Easy to use and foldable, these big wheels scooters are the perfect moving way for the city...

  • Freestyle Scooters

    Freestyle Scooters made for street, skatepark, bowl...

    These scooters are made to put your best tricks!

  • Scooter Parts

    Decks, grips, headsets, pegs, grip tapes, wheels, bars...

    All the spare parts for scooters available at clic-n-roll are here!

  • Scooter...
  • Scooter On Order

    Find here all the stuffs that are out of stock but we can order for you!

    To know more about availability and delay feel free to contact us at 04-66-21-86-91 or by mail at

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Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items