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Freestyle skating is the practice of inline skating in skatepark, bowl, rampe & street... jump and slide for more fun! And freeskate, slalom, skatecross...

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  • Complet Street Skates

    Clic-n-roll is specialized in agressive skates, strong of more than 20 years practicing, we can advice you on each brand you need.

    For you, we have selected the best brands of agressive skates like RAZORS, REMZ, USD, VALO, ROLLERBLADE, K2, SEBA, TRIGGER, XJSADO...

  • Street Boots Only

    With the system UFS (Univeral Frame System) all boots and frames brands are fixing their skates with the same mounting, so all UFS inline skates can be offered as boots only... We have selected, for you, all the best agressive boots only like RAZORS, REMZ, USD, VALO, ROLLERBLADE, K2, SEBA, TRIGGER, XSJADO...

  • Junior Street Skates

    Complet agressive adjustable inline skates for kids, the skates grows in the same time of your kid feet.

  • Freeskate / Slalom Skates

    Inline skates for freeride or slalom

  • Freestyle Skates Parts

    You want ot change or replace a part on your Freestyle skates?

    It's possible that we have what you need...

    we got a very large choice of parts in a large range of colors and sizes for all brands of Freestyle inline skates

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Showing 1 - 9 of 306 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 306 items