USD Carbon Free Bernal Custom

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Pack description

USD Carbon Free Bernal Custom :

  • USD Carbon Free Carlos Bernal Pro Boots
  • KIZER Fluid IV white
  • RED EYE Team 55mm
  • RAZORS Grindwheels
  • Slick Hardware Abec 7

Pack content

USD Carbon Free Carlos Bernal Boots

Always inspired by Sneakers, USD has decided to put white and yellowcolors, highly looks like to the Fila shoes

UFS, these boots fits all frames for agressive skating and powerblading.

The USD Carbon free is a plastic shell with an integreated liner, as on the 100% carbon boots but a little heavier (+20% approx.). Perhaps they stay ligh weight with only 1160g for a boot in size 42EU.

Data sheet

BootCarbon Free

KIZER Fluid IV Team white Frames

The Kizer Fluid is the frame that is the longest at Kizer. Its continued success is due to its simple design, a solid but lightweight and perfect glide slide construction.

Fluid 4 is the only platinum to improve the benefits of antirocker with a wider than most other decks hbloc . Eagalement , the shape of the walls is new, the edges are inclined to give more control over the cess-slides. Due to popular demand the Kizer Fluid 4 is now available in 3 sizes.
They are therefore UFS fits all decks choose the size of your plates according to that your boots and your skating, long frame gives more stability , short one gives you more reactivity.

Sizes of frames , measured from center of front axle to center of rear axle :

Small - 247mm
Medium - 257mm
Large - 267mm
Max wheel = 60mm ends , inside you put only that antirockers

Data sheet

UseStreet / Skatepark / Bowl
Axles Diameter8mm


  • SOLD x1.
  • Type 608 1RS
  • 1 rubber flask for protection (outside)
  • 1 flask removed to get easy maintenance
  • Nylon cage
  • Pre-lubricated

Fits for skateboard, longboard, inline skates, quad/derby rollerskates, scooters...

Data sheet

Axles Diameter8mm

RAZORS Antirocker Wheels

Grindwheels are little wheels that are putted on the middle of the frames to get slides easyer.
  • sold by 4
  • Colors to choose depends of availability.
  • For 8mm axels
  • 42mm diameter

Data sheet

Axles Diameter8mm


RED EYE Team Wheels 55mm x4 :

  • sold by four
  • 55mm/92a
  • flat profile

“Red Eye Wheel Co is dedicated to being the standard of excellence in the industry by surrounding and supporting a professional team that is held to the highest regard in the sport. Our goal is to reinvest profits back into the team and our products allowing for growth of not only Red Eye Wheel Co, but the industry as a whole.”

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