FR SKATES UFR Stephan Brandow Setup

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Pack description

FR SKATES UFR Stephan Brandow Setup

Complete customs skates combinating lightweight and quality componants.

  • boots FR SKATES UFR Antony Pottier
  • 50/50 Stéphane Brandow frames
  • BLANK Hydrogen en 60mm wheels
  • ABEC9 bearings

Pack content

FR SKATES UFR Street AP Black Boots :

FR Skates offers the brand new UFR street skate.

This is Antony Pottier's first pro model with the brand new UFR boots. This boot is inspired by the brand's freeride skates, but the shell has been modified especially for freestyle.

The boots are thus enlarged and more open on the top of the foot. In addition, a brand new soulplate which integrates perfectly with the boot has been added.

It is quite wide, but especially hollowed out at the front and the rear to allow a maximum of assembly frame in wide wheels. The skate can also be mounted in freeride with UFS 80mm, 90mm or 3x110mm frames.

Finally, the design of the skate in black and brown gives it a sober and classic feel.

  • Boots: Eva Middle sole, UFR Black Pottier
  • Liner: FR Skates Black Brown
  • Tightening : Powerstrap, laces and buckles
  • Soulplate: Fr skates Black


This Belgian rider is known for his fluid and committed skating both in the street and in skatepark. Rider sponsored by FR SKATES for many years and creator of the FLAT frames brand.

Data sheet

UseStreet, Bowl, Skatepark
BootFr Skates UFR Street
LinersFr skates Black/Brown
Tighteningbuckles, laces and powerstrap

All in one, let's ride them as you want, freestyle, flat or antirocker...

50/50 Balance Stefan Brandow Frames

50/50 was started in 1994 with one focus, make skating better, and they do !

pro model Stefan Brandow

Included in the box:

  • 2 frames
  • 4 Juice Blocks
  • 8 axles
  • 16 frame spacers
  • 6 UFS frame bolts, different sizes to fit every soulplates

Tech Specs:

  • 58mm max wheel size
  • 95mm split between 2 and 3
  • 8mm axle diameter
  • 256g weight per frame, no hardware

As they come with the Juice blocks you can choose to install them and skate them as freestyle OR not install them and configure in flat or antirockers.

Sizes :

M = 250mm / 6-9 US / 38-42 EU

L = 270mm / 10-14 US / 43-48 EU

50/50 frames is an american compagny from the 90', specialized in agressive skating frames. Bring back in 2017 by Lawarance Ingraham it's a real rebirth for the brand who continues to produce high quality UFS frames, strong and fast sliding.

Data sheet

UseFreestyle Skating
Axles Diameter8mm
Wheels58mm max.

ABEC9 bearings from KALTIK, the Irish brand.

KALTIK ABEC9 Yellow Steel Balls Bearings

Sold by packs of 8 bearings.

Metal Shields

Data sheet

Axles Diameter8mm


ROLLERBLADE x CLIC-N-ROLL Hydrogen Street Wheels

Hydrogen Street 60mm wheels are designed to deliver premium performance.

Made in the USA with an exclusive formula, high performance polyurethane offers unrivaled benefits for urban wrinkles.

The wide profile provides the maneuverability necessary to perform tricks.

Set of 4 wheels.

FEAT . :
• OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE FOR STREET - Extreme control and very low wear, 60mm/92A
• FORMULA PREMIUM FORMULA - High abrasion resistance and improved reactivity
• STRONG HUB - For better acceleration and more grip
• MAXIMUM GRIP - Excellent maniability
• MADE IN USA - set of 4 wheels, bearings and spacers not included

Data sheet