The frames are the supports the wheels, depending on the model, you can find them in four wheels (flat) in two large wheels at the ends and in the middle two small (antirocker) and with only two wheels at the ends (freestyle). So you choose your frames to suit your style of skating ...

Freestyle frames : With two wheels at the ends and a large central H-block. These frames are rather oriented street. The hblock large size allows you to slide all types of spots, more or less large ...

frames : As their name suggests, they are flat and have 4 wheels at the same level. They can also be mounted in anti-rocker. This type of plate is more oriented towards the skatepark to gain speed, but because the size of hblock will be very close to copings (iron bars round the top of the modules).

frames in anti-rocker: versatile frames, which have two anti-rockers (small plastic wheels) in the middle with a H-block greater than flat framesThe fact that you antirockers are plastic net avoided stopping for the slides.

For fitness skating, the frames are either aluminum or plastic, aluminum decks offering more rigidity and therefore a higher life.
 frames, there are two types, the plates molded / pressed, and extruded to the latter is stronger and more rigid as cut directly into the ground, it has a higher density.
You can also find today Frames magnesium or carbon 
Frames, providing excellent rigidity and especially weight gain.
The maximum size of the wheels absorbed by the 
Frames varies by model, this size is normally written on the Frames, for example: wheels size 84mm max.
Frames for hockey skates or typed Vitness / Speed ??are "Hi-Low" that meens all the wheels are not the same size, this type of Frames is made to increase the acceleration because they will requires to be leaning forward, attack position. For example, we have the back to the front mounting type 80/76/72/72 (hockey skates) or 110/110/100/100 or 110/110/100/110.

In freeskate, the 
frames are short, the wheels are very close together, it aims to increase the maneuverability of the shoe.Generaly, slalom riders are "banana" mounting two wheels smaller than those from the middle to the ends. For example 76/80/80/76.

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