These advices work only for NON motorized scooters in France

When you use your scooter you are considered as a pedestrian but as you are faster than pedestrians you are liable for any accident.

For the safety of everyone you should know these helpful tips and rules:

  • Don't touch the brake bare-handed right after braking, you could burn your fingers.
  • Check regularly if all the bolting is tightly in place and if you're using a scooter with tires check the pressure too.
  • Avoid riding at night as most of scooter don't have any lights.
  • Beware of metro rails and such as the wheels can be stuck in the railing.
  • Wear a helmet!
  • Don't ride your scooter barefoot.
  • Don't ride when raining or if the ground is very wet. You could slip easily and water will damage the bearings and other metallic parts.
  • The maximum recommended speed is about 20km/h.
  • Use crosswalks and step down from your scooter when doing so.
  • If you spot unusual wear on any part change it as soon as possible, don't wait on it.