From one years, we heard more and more about oysi frame, and we heard good feeling about them.

iIt was time for Clic-nroll team to make his own review on this frame and share it.

To this review, we choose the "rock'n roll" flat montage With 72mm wheel and 60 mm wheel in the middle.

let's fix it:

  • We use on 72 mm wheel to find where we need to cut the soulplate. We need to cut on usd, Gawds or seba soulplate. We didn't test it on other brand.
  • when the cut is perfect we fix the frame with ufs axes from oysi.
  • We put the intern wheels first whith force and the 72 mm after to make it easyer. now we can put them on ours feet and see if we have cut enough the soulplate.

And now...the review :

The first feeling are good, very good. we don't feel hight, just like we skate a 60 mm frame. They are longer than other brand but you're more stable and speeder. So it's easy to ride them in few minute.

with grind it really easy to find the groove on your frame to make every grind and torque you want.With soulgrind, the frame isn't so hight and you find your plate in few try. on top be careful off the big wheel, if you're not strech enought you can touch the spot.

the OYSI frame offer a new way to ride and grind with big wheel.

Always availabe at Clic-N-Roll skateshop.

EDIT 2020:

OYSI now offers "OYSI Medium" frames with smaller wheel sizes, so they are more manageable and responsive, still in FLAT with a big Hblock. These new OYSI Medium allow you not to break your head with the machining of the soulplates according to the type of wheel assembly you choose...