Review : KALTIK Skate Junior :

They are finally here, the junior skates of the KALTIK brand. And we are super enthusiastic about this skate.

First of all the look, certainly it looks like a cut freeskate, but it's the goal, it is almost 5 sizes in three positions.  Whatever the position of the skate, the nose doesn't move, it remains rigid and in place for maximum responsiveness. For the rest, the skate is just black with a few touches of white, it's really  nice. We don't even talk about custom since it accepts all UFS Frame in size S.

Then comfort and weight. For a junior skate it is barely 1,100 kg complete! It also offers a slipper with dense foam that is extended by a system of elastic on the sides of the feet. Comfort and support is there and the elastic part takes nothing away from it, even at the largest size.

In addition sliding level, it no longer talk the KALTIK freestyle frame that always respond very well on any type of spot. The novelty comes from the light soulplate, not too fine nor too wide but especially mirrored from one skate to another to change as soon as one of the souplates is too worn. A soulplate thought for duration and practice.

Finally for the wheel, the runner is equipped with bearing KALTIK abec 9 and wheels 60mm / 90a rounded profile. What make children happy to ride in the park.

In conclusion the KALTIK Junior Skate is the only street innovation of 2018. The skate is light and robust, adjustable on 4 sizes and equipped as an adult street skate for 159.95 €. It is the junior skate with all the criteria of the practice.

Since 2020, KALTIK brand offers 2 new setups, one in FLAT for Freestyle and one in Big Wheels (4x90mm).

Available here on our website