Release of 04/03/2020

After these first 15 days of confinement, clic-n-roll took its rhythm with the COVID19…

Our days:

In teleworking, we remain confined, but available by email ( and on the shop's social networks with very fast response speed.
We are working on site improvements and are staying close to our suppliers and collaborators to best anticipate the future resumption of normal activity that we hope is as close as possible.

Expeditions level:

All the material displayed "in stock" on the site is available and deliverable, the delivery time is between 24 and 72 hours depending on the region for deliveries in mainland France, mostly within 48 hours. Normal delays outside France.

We are also able to have any SEBA / FR / THEM / SONIC brand products available from our suppliers shipped directly to you, do not hesitate to contact us for availability on your needs (models / colors / sizes, etc.) or for technical advice on these products.

Packages are only shipped twice a week in order to group our trips to the shop to prepare the packages and avoid contact as much as possible. As a result, orders leave on Tuesday and Friday, if an order is placed before 2 p.m. on Tuesday or Friday, it leaves the same day.

Thank you for your trust and for your orders ... your support is heart-warming.

Be well and see you soon.

The clic-n-roll staf

Info from 17/03/2020

Dear customers,

With the current situation and the measures that we must take to follow the directives of the government, the functioning of our store and our website is completely turned upside down ... I will give you the main points below point by point in order to be as transparent as possible with you and deal with this difficult situation as well as possible ...

The physical store :

    The store will be closed to the public and to the employee until further notice.
    All electrical appliances are cut to save energy, except the surveillance systems.
    I watered the plant, but I think it will pass ...
    The phone will ring if you call, but you will come across an answering machine message to inform you of what it says here ... we can not view voice messages on the answering machine, no need to leave, prefer email or social networks (contact details below on this page "contact us during the crisis" paragraph)
    Measures are taken to ensure the salary of Thomas, your super seller, everything is done so that we can preserve his position and that he will resume service when it reopens. In the meantime, total rest for him!

Website :

It will continue to operate normally!

  • Orders will be taken into account: the stocks displayed are well available and managed in real time, if you see marked "in stock" you can order the product will be yours.
  • Payment remains secure (CB, Paypal, Transfer); payment by check is disabled (we will not be able to accept them).
  • If you choose "store withdrawal": we will only be able to receive you once the restrictions have been lifted (follow us on social networks for real-time information) no exceptions, for your safety and mine.
  • For delivery: orders will remain in "processing in progress", they will therefore be on stand-by, printed, but awaiting packaging and shipping. Unless the government takes more restrictions, I will do two shipments per week as follows:

A Tuesday shipment: any order placed before 2:00 p.m. Tuesday will leave on Tuesday.

Expedition on Friday: any order placed between Tuesday 2 p.m. and Friday 2 p.m. will leave on Friday.

  • Therefore, 24 / 48h delivery is no longer in this case of force majeure, we count on your understanding.
  • The delivery will be done ONLY by Chronopost Domicile, it is the most reliable transporter we have and the safest to limit contact with the outside. This delivery will be invoiced at 10 € instead of 14.95 € in normal times and will be offered from 70 € of purchase in Metropolitane France.
  • Delivery outside of France are actually suspended


Merchandise returns :

If you wish to return an item (exchange, refund ...), we invite you to contact us by e-mail.

We will help you with the procedure. Any time wait for our "top" to send us your package, in fact, if we are not there to receive, the package may be lost ... we remind that packages travel at your risk and that we are not not responsible during transport.

Pre-orders :

Pre-orders of material made or to come remain valid. We will send them to you as soon as the gear is received ... we are working on this point to remove the packages that would arrive at the depots of local carriers.

To our suppliers :

Please suspend all shipment of goods to our store until our green light, please contact us by e-mail if we have not yet done so.

Contact us during the crisis :

During this period, whatever its duration, I remain available to answer you as well as possible and as soon as possible. With this in mind, I invite you to contact me by the following means only:

There, you know everything!

We are confined but always present for our customers, to ensure the minimum service.

All possible steps are taken to limit the breakage and I would like to thank the owner of our commercial premises, our accountant and our suppliers who are doing everything they can to support us economically in this dirty ordeal ... all this while hoping not to leave too many feathers ...
Stay at home and follow the government instructions "friends on wheels", take advantage of it to build up your stuff and above all TAKE CARE OF YOU !

See you soon...

Bolton, clicnroll.