hardware advice

We offer you here our best advice to help you chose your hardware according to your skating and needs.


Choosing you agressive skatings wheels

Round, flat and elliptical profiles, different diameters and hardnesses...

What does all this correspond to?

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Choose your skate frames

Freestyle, Antirocker and Flat, freestyle skate frames are the element that holds the wheels and allows you to slide, placed under the boot they have several shapes and therefore specificities depending on your place and style of practice...

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How to remove bearings from inline skates wheels 

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Review KALTIK Agg junior skates

KALTIK children's freestyle skates are adjustable junior skatepark skates, ideal for your child to discover the joys of freestyle skating with an adapted skate that will grow in size as your child grows.

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Put and remove bearings from metal hub inline skate wheels

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FR skates the rec wheels review

FR SKATES, the French brand, has released street skate wheels at a very affordable price. Obviously such a low price for a set of 4 wheels intrigued us, we had to test them, here is our feedback on these freestyle skating wheels.

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Informations about RAZORS Shells

RAZORS skates offers several models of skates and therefore several shell sizes per model.

Sometimes you can undercut or overcut depending on the shape of your feet and your tastes in terms of support and comfort...

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Inline skates sizing chart

Here you fill find most informations about the sizing charts of biggest inline skates brands...


Put and remove bearings from rollerskates wheels

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New version from 2020, easyer, cooler !

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