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DVD The Apple That Fell Far From The Lake


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DVD The Apple That Fell Far From The Lake

The Apple fell over the Lake is a sequel to the world famous shocking rollerblading lifestyle Documentary “The Apple that fell far from the Tree” If you have not seen the first one then I suggest you pick up a copy today because this is a MUST OWN Skate DVD for any rollerblader who is not an overly sheltered little suburban rail rat.

The film is another day in the life of Mr. Sea(Sean Cullen) where he wakes up in London, goes out to annhilhate the streets with fellow punk-rocker Oli Short and then ends up having a bad fall where he hits his head and goes into one of his signature daydreams, tis daydream takes him on a wild adventure through what he refers to as “A Rabbit Hole” but which seems to be just a metaphor for The Rollerblading Lifestyle.

Once he is lost in this rabbit hole, he has dreams of his encounters with the rabbit himself Erik Bailey and also dreams of his own journeys in the Rabbit Hole while OVER THE LAKE meaning over the Atlantic Ocean (United KIngdom).

The skating the viewer will witness while they are lost within this rabbit hole over the Lake is some of the most mind-blowing you will ever witness and the innovation and progression which took place in the filming of this picture will continue to change and influence the rollerblading lifestyle forever.

if you as a a rollerblader do not own this or the first installment in the Apple series you are
withholding yourself from the most mind-blowing and genius productions that have been produced by the rolling lifestyle thus far.


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DVD The Apple That Fell Far From The Lake

DVD The Apple That Fell Far From The Lake