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One of the best equipment on the market today for roller derby skaters!
SISU mouthguards are superior in all respects to the traditional protectors teeth are large. Protect your brain and teeth, while maintaining your ability to communicate with your team!

SISU NextGen is the latest evolution in mouthguard engineering by the makers of SISU Guard. Simply put, it is the most powerful mouthguard ever built. With its unmatched quality and functionality, SISU NextGen was designed with the athlete in mind, and its unique new features are hyper focused on additional protection and comfort.

The Max guard is made from high-tech thermoplastic material that is 50% stronger and has 8x greater tensile strength than conventional mouthguard materials. So if you’ll be colliding at full velocity into giant competitors at frequent intervals, or if your opponent gets in that one lucky punch before you knock him out, the SISU Max is the mouthguard for you.

Even when you wear a Max guard, you don’t have to sacrifice a more comfortable mouth. The SISU Max is only 2.4 mm thick, making it 30% thinner than your typical mouthguard. It’s custom-fitting AND you’ll be able to talk, breathe and drink better than ever before. It’s really the best of both worlds.

The mouthguard SISU is made ??from a non-compressible perforated material!
It has unique features perforations that absorb shock energy as well as "crumple zones" directing impact forces away from teeth.
It dissipates the impact energy over large areas.
Provides 30% more protection
The SISU teeth protectors are thin 2.4 mm and easy to adjust.

BPA, PVC, and Latex Free

It is easier to speak and drink!
Fit in a few minutes, clinical studies show superior comfort!
You will also experience less drooling!

What we think about it :
The views returns on this product, all the girls znd boys are happy, at affordable price than some brands of teeth protectors, it molds easily and even several times without regard to your mouth. Are strong point is its subtlety that allows you to talk and drink easily without having to remove it without necessarily reducing its effectiveness shocks! One of our products to more success!


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SISU Max Guard Mouth guard

SISU Max Guard Mouth guard

Thicker for better protection