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Find here all the parts for your rollerskates...

brakes, toe stops, plates, toe guards, wheels, bearings, laces...

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  • Quad Wheels

    Check our quad/derby skates wheels, indoor, outdoor, large or slim, different hardness...

  • Quad Bearings

    ABEC3, 5, 7, 9, ILQ7 and 9, swiss, ceramic, 608 and 627... check our complet range of bearings...

    You need 2 bearings for 1 wheel, they are sold by 8 or 16, think to adjust as you need...

  • Quad Plates

    Discover our quad rollerskates plates... aluminium or nylonwe offers you a selection of the best plates brands available from our dealers and on the market like POWERDYNE, CHAYA, SURE-GRIP, ROLL-LINE...

  • Quad Stoppers

    Roller derby or rollerskates brakes are also nammed "stoppers" or "toe stops".

    There is 2 types, the standards stoppers with a bolt that is crossing all the stopper to tight in the plate (mostly used on recreational rollerskates) and adjustable ones with whe axle integreated to the stopper to tight and adjust in the plate (we find it on roller derby skates).

    With the adjustables,be careful to European ones (ROLL-LINE), they don't fit US plates (thread is not the same)

  • Quad Parts

    Nuts, bushings, bolts, trucks... all the spare parts for your rollerskates are there!

  • Quad Laces

    More or less long, rond, flat or oval, colored or not... we have here a very large choice of rollerskates laces.

  • Toe Guards

    Toe caps or toe guards, protect the front of your rollerskates to save them above falls...

  • Grindblocks / Sliders

    Grindblocks, sliders and wide trucks, turn your rollerskates in park rollerskates...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 157 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 157 items