Secured Payment

Credit Card:
For the security of your payements we are using "E-Transaction", the card of payement solution devolpped by our bank "Crédit Agricole". 
With this system, your credit card payment is directly made on the secure server of our bank for our account, at no time your number of card, or the other confidential data which are connected with him, will be communicated with us.

Immediat, fast and secured, the best way for countries outside France
With these 2 payement methods you can choose to pay in 1 or Multiple times.

Between 2 or 4 open days to received the money on our account, packages will be sent as we got the money on the account, not before!
Bank Identification Code / SWIFT : AGRIFRPP835
Intenational Bank Account Number / IBAN : FR76 1350 6100 0011 5505 6200 021