Scooter Parts

Decks, grips, headsets, pegs, grip tapes, wheels, bars...

All the spare parts for scooters available at clic-n-roll are here!

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  • Clamps and SCS

    Clamps and SCS for Scooters

  • Decks

    Freestyle scooters decks

    Clic-n-roll offers you a FREE clicnroll griptape for all orders of a scooter deck !

  • Forks / Compression

    Forks and compression systems for scooters

  • Brakes

    Scooters brakes

    • Flex brakes for a softer braking, preserve the wheels, fixed directly in the deck
    • Spring brakes easyer to use for light weights
  • Grip Tapes

    Grip tapes are made to make grip the feet on the scooter deck.

  • Bars

    Scooters bars, reinforced to restist to jumps.

  • Headsets

    The scooters headset are the mobile part that allow the bar to turn.

  • Pegs

    The scooter pegs are used to slide/grind with freestyle scooters

  • Grips

    Scooter grips, standard, they fit all scooters and don't hurt hands.

  • Wheels / Bearings

    Wheels and bearings for freestyle and urban moving scooters

  • Axles, Bolts, spacers...

    Screws and axles for scooters

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Showing 1 - 12 of 249 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 249 items