Inline Skates Parts

You want ot change or replace a part on your inline skates?

It's possible that we have what you need...

we got a very large choice of parts in a large range of colors and sizes for all brands of Freestyle inline skates

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  • Other Parts

    more inline skates spare parts here...

    spacers, sliders, shocks absorbers, wheels spacers, frames spacers...

  • Buckles / Straps

    You're looking for agressive skates buckles or straps?

    Have a look to our large selection, we have some for all brands

  • Liners

    You want to change your inline skates liners?

    Check here, we have selected, for you, the bests acutal skates liners in the famous brands like INTUITION, SEBA, POWERSLIDE, JUG, My Fit...

  • Brakes

    Discover our large selction of inline skates brake pads and brake pads housing for inline skates...

    Rollerblade brakes, brakes for Roces skates, Powerslide brakes, K2 skates brakes, SEBA skates brakes...

  • Grindwheels / Grindblocks

    The "antirockers" or "grindwheels" are small middle wheels on an agressive skate.

    These little wheels, in plastic or very hard urethane, are used to help skaters to slide on supports.

    The "H-Blocks" or "Grindblocks" are the center parts of the frames, just between the middle wheels, we used it to slide some spots or stand on top of elements on skateparks.

  • Laces

    More or less long, rond, flat or oval, colored or not... we have here a very large choice of inline skates laces.

  • Freestyle Frames

    Agressive skates frames are UFS (Universal Frame Système) they fit all agressive boots that have this mounting system.

    It you want do know more about differences of the frames and utility, we have a page to explain to you... click there.

  • Frames

    Check our selection of slalom skating frames, speed skating frames...

    More informations on inline skates frames? click here...

  • Freestyle Wheels

    Street skates wheels are fitting all skates, don't care of the brand.

    Just be careful of the diameter (in "mm").

    The maximum diameter of a frame is gived on the product page of the frames sold on our website, if not, check on your old wheels or contact us.

  • Wheels 70mm to 125mm
  • Bearings

    The bearing, important element of your skates, they gives rolling and speed!

    It needs 2 bearings for 1 wheel, bearings are sold by 8 or 16, it's precised in the product page so think to adjust about the number of wheels you have on your inline skates...

    How to remove your inline skates bearings? (french language)

  • Slide Parts

    In this cathegory we've grouped all sliding spare parts for agressive skates...

    Soulplates, soulframes, backslide plates, sliders... in all sizes and colors, for the best brands like VALO, ROCES, ROLLERBLADE, RAZORS, REMZ, ADAPT, SSM, XSJADO, USD...

  • Cuffs / Custom Kits

    Offer a second life to your inline skates!

    Put the a new color of parts like cuffs, sliders...

  • Axles / Bolts

    Wheels axles, frames bolts, mounting screws, washers, buckles scews, spacers...

    All the small screws for your inline skates are here for most of the inline skate brands...

  • All Terrain Skates

    All terrain skates parts...

    Tires, complet wheels, air tubes, brakes, axles, skating poles...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 298 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 298 items