Freestyle Boots Only

With the system UFS (Univeral Frame System) all boots and frames brands are fixing their skates with the same mounting, so all UFS inline skates can be offered as boots only...

Freestyle Boots Only

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MESMER Throne TS2 Boots

MESMER Throne TS2 Boots Aggressive inline skates for street and park skating. Supportive shell with fast and longlasting soul plates and reworked MYFIT liners.

Price €149.92

USD Sway Witzemann Pro Boot

USD Sway Michael Witzemann Pro Boot: New skating sensation Michael Witzemann’s 1st signature Sway boot. Solid hard shell, heat-moldable MYFIT Prime liner, renowned soul plate.

Price €191.58

USD Sway Team Grey Boots

The USD Sway Team Gray Boots are lightweight and sturdy boots perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike. This skate is UFS and fits all UFS frames.

Price €133.25
ROCES 5th Element Boots
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ROCES 5th Element Boots

The ROCES 5th Element Boots are wide and UFS boots for the Street and the skatepark. We advise you to take one size less on this model if you want to be as precise as possible.

Regular price €215.83 Price €182.50
ROLLERBLADE Blank Team Boots
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ROLLERBLADE Blank Team Boots

The ROLLERBLADE Blank Team Boots are UFS boots on which UFS frames are installed directly on the boot for maximum reactivity in Slide.

Regular price €207.50 Price €166.63

THEM 909 CLARKS Blue Boots

First collaboration between the THEM brand and CLARKS. The THEM 909 CLARKS Blue Boots are a fairly flexible UFS boot with the brand new soulplate v3.

Price €258.33

FR Skates UFR Street Antony...

The FR Skates Antony Pottier boot is the brand new shell from the French brand. It is notably offered in its high-end version with the Intuition liner. Always in UFS for a greater choice of Frames.

If your size is not available CONTACT US to order.

Price €215.83