Other Sports

Clic-n-roll is the french specialist of urban sports, but thanks to a large range of dealers we can easely order and sell some stuffs for other fun sports like bmx, hockey, ice skating, kitesurf, windsurf, surf, snowboard, ski and many more... feel free to ask us about stuffs, availability, prices...

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  • Hockey

    Find here all our selection of Hockey inline skating stuffs.

  • All Terrain skates

    Discover our selection of all terrains skates and their parts .

    Theses 4x4 inline skates, equipped with air tires can go anywhere in the land, the grass, stoned floors... As long as it is hard enough, it will roll !

  • Ice Skates

    Check our large selection of Ice Skates, hockey skates and accessories for ice skating.

  • Scooter

    Freestyle scooter for skatepark, urban scooter for moving or electric scooter... find here all completes and parts for your scooter.